Adjustments For MMA and UFC Fighters

Get tisse adjustments with yoga poses. Adjustments that are designed to getinto parts of the muscles and tendon endings that you cannot normally stretch.

Notice a difference instantly.




Anterior Hip and Shoulder

The hips are often tightened from some kind of kicking injury. Palpation along the front and front inner thigh restores good blood flow and also hip health.

Hip adjustment anterior body lengthened



Side Kicks and Guards

Manipulation is painful at first but as session continue the pain is removed. It can take up to 10 adjustments to completely move tissue and pain from the inner thighs.


These are a few of the many adjustments given by Mark Giubarelli to help maintain joint health and bring the body to new heights in it's possibilities.

Healing Neck Alignment - Touch examination before gentle massage then deep tissue work leading to adjustments to get your neck in perfect alignment. 

Shoulder Relief - Special adjustments combined with precise pressure point release opens above your shoulders and in-between.


Low Back Yoga Adjustment - The low back is checked for alignment, muscle imbalance, and possible disc injury then carefully treated to align energize and revitalize. See Help for Scoliosis >>


Shakti Hip Opener - Open your hips with deep tissue palpitations around your sacrum, the top of the hamstrings, and inner thigh to completely free up the hip movement like never before.  See Video >>


Earth Foot - Ground your energy by unblocking tension with this special foot massage that deeply works into the soul or your sole. See Video >>