Shoulder Relief Adjustments

Special adjustments in yoga poses to get between the shoulder-blades to loosen muscles and reset ribs that have been lifted out of position.

One of the number ! causes of upper back pain is poor posture.
Causes pain and discomfort between the scapulae and down the back is almost always from hunching forward, whether you are standing or sitting, it causes strain on the muscles and tendons. During bodywork in the shoulder area these muscles are loosened and balanced. Special techniques to show you proper posture and help prevent back pain arr taught as part of the session.

Adjustments in yoga poses such as Fish Pose allow the balance to be measures on both sides of your body and also the rib alignment to be checked. Combined with the Spinal Twist adjustments these Fish pose adjustments can really make a huge different to how your Upper Back is feeling.

A special combination of yoga poses and bodywork will leave you feeling opened and balanced. You can choose to get bodywork for a number of different ailments or practice a yoga set and get special adjustments.
* Techniques involve many types of palpation. The Latin term palpare translates to touch but palpation involves much more than simply touching the muscle. In these techniques special measurements are done to locate target muscles. They are assessed by carefully sensing the muscle balance, tight or loose, is it inflamed or tender, before being worked on with pressure.