Sun Salutations essential variations over 70

This is a page dedicated to the art of Vinyasa Yoga Sun Salutations. These variations were performed by Mark Giubarelli when he lived on Maui in 2010.

"If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god." Napoleon

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Basic Cobra Flow

A basic Sun Salutation flow with a smooth 3 part backbend flow.

Total Duration: 02:45


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Quadriceps Flow

This flow shows an interesting stretch of the quadriceps during the flow.

Total Duration: 01:47


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Quadriceps Flow 2

Shows a progression of the previous flow with Bow pose blended in.

Total Duration: 03:12


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Half Locust Flow

See versions of the locust pose blended in a Sun Salutation.

Total Duration: 02:00


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Bound Arm Flow

Sun Salutation with many standing poses, Crescent Moon and 2 Bound arm poses.

Total Duration: 02:45


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Bound Arm Flow 2

Variations of the bound angle flow. Standing poses are sequenced on the step back.

Total Duration: 02:16


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Arm Balance Flow

Shows how arm balance poses flow with many standing poses and hamstring stretches.

Total Duration: 02:57


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Arm Balance Flow 2

Another variation of the arm balance flow. Different standing poses on the way down.

Total Duration: 02:53


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Triangle Circles

Opens up the side of the body as well as the shoulders.

Total Duration: 04:09


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Headstand Circles

This Sun Salutation involves Headstand variations.

Total Duration: 01:46


Simple Scorpion Flow

Shows a variation of the Scorpion pose blended into a sun salutation.

Total Duration: 01:30


Humble Crescent Moon

This Sun Salutation has an interesting spinal twist with the step back.

Total Duration: 02:57


Pigeon to Tree

Creates flexibility in the hips and also strengthens them while moving smoothly through a salutation.

Total Duration: 02:50


Rising Hands Of Faith

This Sun Salutation is dedicated to the moments of deep faith in our life. Both seem to rise and fall throughout our lives.

Total Duration: 02:55


Twisted Half Moon

This Salute to the Sun involves 2 side stretches and 2 spinal twists. The first side stretch is Triangle pose.

Total Duration: 03:58


Flowing Warrior 1

Warrior 1 flow that strengthens the quadriceps with repetitions into and out of the pose.

Total Duration: 03:38


Cobra to Downward Dog

Shows a flow in and out of Cobra Pose and Downward Dog pose.

Total Duration: 01:49


Twisted Hip Pigeon Bow

This Salute to the Sun involves 2 spinal twists after the step forward.

Total Duration: 04:17


Heart and Hip Opening Pigeon

This Sun Salute has many repetitions involving the hamstring and hips.

Total Duration: 03:35


Warrior 2 Side Triangle

This Sun Salutation has a blended flow of leg toners and leg stretches.

Total Duration: 03:44


Open Leg Side
Shoulderstand Salute

A beautiful flow though hip openers, hamstring openers, backbends and shoulderstand variations.

Total Duration: 06:53


Half Lotus Headstand
to Scorpion

Shows a basic Sun Salutation flow with a smooth 3 part backbend flow.

Total Duration: 03:02


Standing Side Flow

All the standing postures in this flow are sideways. This makes transitioning easy and smooth.

Total Duration: 02:30


Half Lotus Tree Vinyasa

Half Lotus Tree flow involves entering Tree Pose and blends into many Half Lotus poses.

Total Duration: 00:38


Cobra Waves Flow

This Sun Salute enters Cobra 3 times in flowing wave like motions.

Total Duration: 02:47


Twisting Warrior

This Sun Salute weaves in and out of many of the Warrior 1 variations as well as into many spinal twists.

Total Duration: 03:10


7 Standing Pose Salute

This sequence flows after the step forward into Extended Side Angle, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, and many other standing poses.

Total Duration: 01:36


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Twisted Side Winder

Sequence has hand and arm movements flowing from Extended Side Angle into Reverse Triangle.

Total Duration: 02:32


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Scorpion Sun Salute

This is a Sun Salute flow that flows through a deep backbend called Scorpion pose. It is a Sun Salute that is done after the back is warmed up and fully opened.

Total Duration: 01:37


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Echoes Of Warrior 2

Warrior 2 pose is repeated many times in this sequence. Frequent entries into Warrior 2 really strengthen the quadriceps muscles.

Total Duration: 04:02


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Triangle to Warrior 1

This Sun Salutation shows a repetitive flow from Triangle pose to Warrior 1 pose. The flow then blends into a low lunge before stepping forward.

Total Duration: 03:33


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Pendulum Hip Flow

The leg takes many large motions one way then the other which is why it is named Pendulum Hip Flow.

Total Duration: 02:00


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Open Pigeon Twisted Standing Flow

This Sun Salutation really strengthens and stretches the hips. It moves in a very unusual way because there is no Cobra pose.

Total Duration: 03:03


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Pigeon Light

This Sun Salutation involves Pigeon pose and standing spinal twists to open the hips.

Total Duration: 02:30


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Falling Warrior

This sequence is called Falling Warrior because of the way the flow is brought to the knees.

Total Duration: 02:29


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Long Turn Sun Salute

Called the Long Turn Sun Salute because of the way it slowly progresses to the spinal twist Reverse Triangle.

Total Duration: 02:57


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Side and Front Flow

This Sun Salutation flows up and down in side poses such as Extended Side Angle and Warrior 2.

Total Duration: 02:44


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Koundinyasana Flow

An interesting arm balance called Koundinyasana is weaved into an interesting step forward.

Total Duration: 01:11


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Flying Warrior 3

The version of Warrior 3 has the arms out stretched out causing a feeling of flying.

Total Duration: 02:14


Bound Arm Flow

Shows 3 standing poses blended together with the arms bound together.Total Duration: 02:16


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Free Hand Straight Leg

This Sun Salutation shows a repetitive flow from a lunge pose to a straight leg pose.

Total Duration: 03:40


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Splintered Twists

This Sun Salutation has many spinal twists breaking or splintering from it.
Total Duration: 02:31


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Triangle Reflection

Involves a transition into Triangle pose at the beginning and end of the standing flow.
Total Duration: 03:28


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Reverse Triangle Crescent Moon Dip

This flow shows a nice entrance into Crescent Moon pose a deep lunge.
Total Duration: 03:46


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Extended Side Angle Rotations

Shows a smooth flow from Extended Side Angle to Warrior 2 variation.
Total Duration: 04:36


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Simple Triangle to Crescent Moon 

A nice simple flow in and out of Triangle Pose with Crescent moon blended between.
Total Duration: 01:12


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Side Flow to High Lunge 

This is a lateral flow that moves into a high lunge pose.
Total Duration: 04:54


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Crescent Moon Bows

This flow shows hamstring stretches blended with Crescent Moon Pose
Total Duration: 03:42


Lateral to forward Bend Flow

In and out of a lateral side flow into a forward bend flow.
Total Duration: 04:35


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Lateral to forward bend Flow II 

Show variations of a the previous lateral to forward bend flow.
Total Duration: 03:42


Triangle Salutation 

This Triangle Flow shows a Sun Salutation variation with Triangle pose blended in.
Total Duration: 02:41


The Leaning Warrior 1

This has warrior 3 prep pose (Warrior 1 leaning forward)
Total Duration: 02:58


Warrior 1 Salutation

Shows a Sun Salutation with Warrior 1 pose blended in.
Total Duration: 02:35


Warrior 2 Salutation

A simple Warrior 2 pose blended into a Sun Salutation with some forward bends.
Total Duration: 03:00


Extended Side Angle Salutation

Shows a Sun Salutation with extended Side angle blended in.
Total Duration: 02:24


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Reverse Hop To Moon

A quick transition from Reverse Triangle to Half Moon.
Total Duration: 03:39


4 Pose Triangle Flow

Many of the traditional standing poses blended together.
Total Duration: 03:30


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Headstand Salutation

A simple headstand Sun Salutation flowing into and out of headstand.
Total Duration: 01:11


Reverse Triangle 3 Pose Blend

One of the favorite flows this flow blends well after warming up.
Total Duration: 01:19


Reverse Triangle 3 Pose Blend II

Shows how the previous sequence can have other poses blended in.
Total Duration: 01:31


Pigeon Winged Bow

A very artistic blend of Pigeon Pose shown with the arms open wide apart.
Total Duration: 03:48


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Feathered Peacock to Camel

Shows an advanced flow with Feathered Peacock variation.
Total Duration: 02:38


Binded Hands

Many variations of poses shown with the hands bound.

Total Duration: 04:19


Old Extended Side Angle

A variation of Extended Side Angle once performed by Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.
Total Duration: 02:43


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Headstand Flow

Shows ways to move the legs while in the headstand.
Total Duration: 01:24


Triangle Warrior 2

Moves through both of these lateral poses in a Sun Salutation.
Total Duration: 02:35


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Side Triangle

A version of Triangle where the side is stretched blended with many other poses.
Total Duration: 03:09


Lateral To Warrior 1

Shows a lateral standing blend flow into Warrior 1.
Total Duration: 03:19


Wave Flow

Shows wave like motions while stretching the hamstrings.
Total Duration: 04:38


Blended Back

Shows artistic ways to blend Janu Sirsasana variations into a salutation.
Total Duration: 02:45


Side Angle to Warrior 1

Simple Extended Side Angle to Warrior 1 with Reverse Triangle blended between.
Total Duration: 01:47


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Crooked 8 limb Sage

Shows a flow with many very old traditional poses not often performed.
Total Duration: 03:12


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Lateral Waves

Lateral standing poses are blended in and out in wave like motions.
Total Duration: 02:54


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Pigeon Rising

Shows a flow that both strengthens and creates flexibility in the hips.
Total Duration: 02:00


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Simple Classic B

Classic B
Total Duration: 00:47