Best Yoga Teachers In Los Angeles

Marlin Monroe doing Yoga with Mark Giubarelli

In 2012 a  list of top yoga instructors in Los Angeles was compiled by RateYourBurn.

Before you read the list here is five things I feel qualifies me.

1. I do at least 5 healing miracles a week.

2. I turned up for work drunk less than a handful of times.

3. I only kicked one deaf girl out of my class in 2012. No it was not because she wasn't listening.

4. I only referred to a few students and staff members as "Fat Bitch".

5. I am not egotistic at all.


Here is the list of Top Yoga Teachers in Los Angeles.

30. Deanna Ainsworth

29. Jake Feree

28. Brent Laffoon

27. Eric Paskel

26. Mary Strong

25. Jennifer Smith

24. Whitney Kirk

23. Stacy Matulis

22. Jill Miller

21. Emilie Perz

20. Mary Beth LaRue

19. Power to No 19 as they wished to remain anonymous.

18. Kourtney Kaas

17. Adrienne Belai

16. Joan Hyman

15. Marla Apt

14. Vinnie Marino

13. Maureen Lantz

12. Simi Cruz

11. Anthony Benenati

10. Meaghan Kennedy Townsend

9. Briohny Smyth

8. Ashley Turner

7. Seane Corn

6. Andrea Marcum

5. Kathryn Budig

4. Cherie Rae

3. Steven Earth Metz

2. Clay Kyle

1. Rudy Mettia