Physical Therapy Alternative Treatment for Pain Between The shoulders

A popular area for pain is between the shoulder blades.

Sometimes something just feels like it's out of place. Oftentimes it is a rib that has been lifted out slightly by tight muscles (Muscles run downwards, diagonally and sideways).

There are many magical ways a bodyworker, massage therapists, physical therapsits or Osteopath will do this. I use a technique in a yoga spinal twist where I move the are while applying pressure on the rib that is out of place thus getting information about range of motion problems during the adjustment.

There are ways that are so unique and highly effective that take a tangent from normal procedures.

Watch this great video by Tanya a wonderful massage therapist that's been practicing and teaching massage for over 40 years.

In this video Taya Countryman who has been practicing massage since 1977.