10 tips for better breathing

Practice these ten tips for a better breath.

Pranayama Tips 1
Before beginning a technique take the time to exhale the remaining air from the lungs and rest for a moment. This creates a more peaceful calm approach to the next breath.

Pranayama Tip 2
On the inhalations be calm and remove fear and anxiety.
This can cause the inhalation to be rushed.

Pranayama Tips 3
Inhale into the belly area first. The lower lungs have a larger area and are furthest from the entrance point. Make and effort to expand it a little more toward the end of the breath also. You may find an opening of space more than the air.

Pranayama Tips 4
At the top of the inhalation make the air touch every part of the lungs evenly. This is a skill all practitioners continually work with. It is the time when energy comes in and should be perfected.

Pranayama Tips 5
One of the main elements of the breath is a deep inhalation and exploring the sensations during the time when the lungs are full. Trying to breath in too deeply is a common mistake, it quite often blocks our ability to receive the air and life giving energy. 
Pranayama Tips 6
Allow a long exhalation and focus on a smooth sound. The smoother and longer the exhalation the better. 

Pranayama Tips 7
In the earlier stages of breathing learn to expel most of the air from the lungs but allow a little to remain in the lungs and focus on resting for a moment after exhalation. In time learn to exhale all the air.

Pranayama Tips 8
Learn to retain the exhalation mildly at first and focus on smooth release into inhalation. The muscles and movement change greatly during exhalation therefore take a little extra time to do this. The transition will be smoother.

Pranayama Tips 9
A good breath is performed when each part is smooth and harmonious. Focus on the sounds of inhalation and exhalation attentively to perfect the smoothness in breathing.

Pranayama Tips 10
The more you can relax when performing breathing techniques the better. Oxygen and energy transference are unobstructed this way. A better breath is felt. Certain breathing techniques make you feel very relaxed such as Bhramari Pranayama.