Blending Meditation Techniques

This is a method of meditation in which OUR inner energy is balanced to be the same vibration or frequency as outer universal energy.

"When inside and outside are equal there is no separation.
The awareness of Yoga emerges."

This is a type of meditation that requires knowledge of the Expansion Meditation methods and the Inner Illumination Meditation for the 2 are balanced.


Meditation Technique
Move consciousness around the body until it is expanded everywhere. Remain aware of the whole body and visualize light in every cell.


Illumination Meditation
Expand consciousness beyond the body and begin to sense ambient energy and light vibration.


Expansion Meditation
Move inward and outward with awareness while visualizing the inner body illumination matching the outer light.When done successfully a sense of inside and out disappears. Yoga is then experienced.When the mind wavers return to the state as swiftly as possible.


Find a comfortable seated position that does not stress the joints. This will allow the body to remain stable without pain and discomfort, a major distraction in meditation.Spend at least 5 minutes doing relaxing breathing techniques such as humming or Aums. These breathing techniques naturally lengthen the exhalations and have a soothing affect on the nervous system. This will help to maintain stable rhythmic breathing throughout the meditation.Blending meditation techniques
Create a Mantra that reinforces the principles of this technique.