Chakra Meditation

What is a Chakra?
A Chakra is an energy center. Although there are many in the body yoga practitioners focus on 7 that are seen as major energy centers.
Many times they are close to or wihin the glands of the endocrine system. It is well known that the endocrine system hormones influence almost every cell in the body. So you can easily see how meditating on those areas effects every cell of the body.
The mind can influence the glands and Chakras therefore meditating on the Chakras has the ability to change us emotionally, mentally and physically.
The endocrine glands are the body's main hormone producers, some organs that are not endocrine organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, thymus, skin, and others also produce and release hormones.
In Chakra meditation a constant connection and unification is made with the desired Chakra. Meditate on the root Chakra for stability and vitality. Meditate on the belly Chakra for strength. Meditate on the heart Chakra to develop love and compassion. Meditate on the throat Chakra for growth. Meditate on the third eye Chakra for spiritual awareness and awakening. energy chakra
Sahasraram Chakra 
Crown Chakra Ajna Chakra
Third Eye Chakra Vishuddha Chakra
Throat Chakra Anahata Chakra 
Heart Chakra Manipura Chakra 
Solar Plexus Chakra Svadhisthana Chakra 
Reproduction Chakra
Muladhara Chakra  
Root Chakra Meditation Technique
Meditation Preparation
Find a comfortable seated position that does not stress the joints. This will allow the body to remain stable without pain and discomfort, a major distraction in meditation.
Spend at least 5 minutes doing relaxing breathing techniques such as humming or Aums. These breathing techniques naturally lengthen the exhalations and have a soothing affect on the nervous system. This will help to maintain stable rhythmic breathing throughout the meditation.
Meditation Challenge and Way to Measure Progress
If you chant your mantra every time your mind wavers, how many times do you chant in 10 minutes ?

You may find it reduces greatly after 10 minutes and also after practicing on a regular daily basis. It is much more influential in the mind when you speak or chant your mantras rather than repeating them internally.
Blending meditation techniques Create different Mantras for each Chakra. (Mantra Meditation) Here are 2 short martras for the Chakras. Modify them so they have more effect for you.
Mantra for the Belly Chakra
"Fire flows freely , air moves deeply"
"freedom in the belly flowing to the heart"
Mantra for heart Chakra
"Love is in the heart"
"Open heart open"
Mantra for Third Eye Chakra
"Illuminate the mind"
"The light removes the darkness"