Empty Your Mind

Using the element of air

When thoughts arise remove them by visualizing the element of air passing through the mind. This causes thoughts to quickly dissolve. Thoughts may arise and continually transform in the mind for some time before a higher awareness recognizes this and uses the air to remove them promptly.

On the inhalations focus on the air as it passes through the nose. Visualize the air passing through the mind as if it brushes by the inside of the skull. The mind will be emptied of thought and consciousness dwells somewhat freed within. Remain in this state.

Try it and feel close your eyes for a moment relax and remove the air in the lungs, rest after exhalation to enhance calmness and on an inhalation feel the air passing through the mind.

The following meditation technique draws concepts from ancient Yoga Sutras introduced byPatanjali. The 3 verses below mention the benefits of practicing pranayama. These are ancient breathing exercises.


  "In deep meditation the breathing should be so passive that a small feather could be held under the nose and be unmoved by the air".

Find a comfortable seated position that does not stress the joints. This will allow the body to remain stable without pain and discomfort, a major distraction in meditation.

Spend at least 5 minutes doing relaxing breathing techniques such as humming or Aums. These breathing techniques naturally lengthen the exhalations and have a soothing affect on the nervous system. This will help to maintain stable rhythmic breathing throughout the meditation.


The Element of Air and Emptying the Mind
1. The element of air can be used to remove thought. When thought is removed the practitioner dwells within a state of true self.

2. During inhalation visualize the air passing through the mind. This instantly empties the mind and creates a feeling of hollowness within the skull, the clouds of thought vanish. Use of this element (air) in visualization, especially during the inhalations.

3. The air is one of the methods of breaking down thought and remaining in a state of know true self. When knowledge of true self are gained attachments fall away the practitioner even looses fear of death. When the knowledge is not reinforced it is lost and attachments return.

4. During meditation the breath is quite often effected by sensations and experiences from rising and changing mind patterns. The breathing becomes irregular and effects the mind. This is a spiral effect of distractions. Be attentive and have a spiritual fire burning from within holding focus steady.