What is pranayama?

Pranayama is the art of breath manipulation and energy balance. Pranayama involves
breathing techniques practiced thousands of different ways.

In this website we have only a small grain of knowledge in this beach of sand that is
pranayama but it is enough to build a strong foundation in your practice.
One of the most common and fundamental breathing techniques is Ujjayi.
In this practice 4 parts of the breath are continually studied, lengthened and fine
tuned while making a 'sss' sound on the inhalation and a 'hhh' sound on the exhalation.

These 4 parts are:

  • 1. Inhalation Puraka
  • 2. Lungs full retention Antara Kumbhaka
  • 3. Exhalation Rechaka
  • 4. Lungs empty retention Bahya kumbhaka
Many of the breathing techniques in pranayama vary the use of these 4 parts
and in the earlier stages the retentions are done lightly.

Almost every cell in the body benefits from the regular practice of pranayama.
After a session breathing is naturally long and rhythmic.
All of the body's organs are properly supplied with oxygen allowing them to function properly.

Breathing techniques are done to balance the intake of an invisible energy known as Prana which is thought to enter with the air. Just as air enters the body with water, yet both are separate, so too prana enters with the air.
With the regular practice of pranayama lines of energy are untangled. Energy flows freely.
Rhythms of breathing are perfectly balanced which means long
healthy natural breathing occurs unconsciously after practice.
"A balanced breath leads to a balance mind."