For organizations running yoga teacher training programs you can add any of the topics below to your teacher training courses. Each course includes materials and end of course tests.

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If you have done a yoga teacher training and wish to improve your skills on a particular topic choose form one of the topics below. Many times it is hard in the time you have to get the full yoga teacher training you need on specific topics. Take a short course and bring your knowledge to the next level.


This course is designed to improve your teaching skills and bring your teaching to the next level. Study personally with Mark Giubarelli so that you get the knowledge you need.

Why study with Mark Giubarelli?
Mark Giubarelli has taught for over 15 years in a variety of places. His unique approach to Vinyasa Yoga comes from sequencing over 10,000 classes.

What do you learn?
You can choose to learn many different subjects or to focus on something like alignment of yoga flows.

1. Learning how to make yoga flows or improve a flow.
2. Learn essential timing.
3. Learn how to guide classes better.
4. Learn how to protect people while giving them a great experience.
5. Tweak your style to give it extra style and elegance.

and much more....