Adductor longus

Where Is the Adductor longus?

The adductor longus is located starts around the groin at the front (pubic bone) and attaches to the middle of the leg bones on the inside.




What are the Symptoms of a Tear Adductor longus?

Pain around the groin area (pubic bone) where the muscle attaches.
Pain when stretching the groin.
Shooting pain from the groin down the inner leg halfway.



Pain may also occur when lifting the leg forward (extension of the hip) because this muscle helps stabilize the inner leg against the outer leg muscles.


What is The Function of the Adductor longus?

The Adductor longus muscle adducts the leg (Pulls it inwards)


Origin and Insertion of Adductor longus

Origin: Front side of the pubic bone under the pubic tubercle
Insertion: Medial ridge of linea aspera


Stretches for Adductor Longus



Strengthen the Adductor Longus