Adductor magnus

Where Is the Adductor magnus?


The Adductor magnus muscle is a large muscle that attaches starts around the groin are


a not at the front but in the middle between the legs and attaches down the inside of the legs and inside top part of the knee.


What are the Symptoms of a Tear Adductor magnus?

Pain can occur deep inside the hip joint (Inner part).


Because it attaches around the knee on the inner top part it can cause pain around the i


nner knee.


What is The Function of the Adductor magnus?

The Adductor longus muscle adducts the leg (Pulls it inwards)


Origin and Insertion of Adductor magnus

Inferior pubic ramus and tuberosity of the ischium


Medial ridge of linea aspera and the adductor tubercle


Stretches for Adductor magnus



Strengthen the Adductor magnus