Infraspinatus muscle yoga anatomy

Where Is The Infraspinatus?

The Infraspinatus is located behind your shoulder.



Infraspinatus muscle tear symptoms

symptoms tear rotator cuffBoth overloading the muscle on a regular basis or repetitive strain related to outward rotation of the arm can injure your Infraspinatus. Infraspinatus tears usually result in loss of ability to externally rotate the arm.


The Infraspinatus is located behind your shoulder but pain symptoms are usually felt in your front shoulder.





What is The Function of the Infraspinatus muscle

The infraspinatus muscle laterally rotates the arm (Turn thumb down for lateral rotation). It is the primary muscle force resposible for external rotation. It also adducts the arm and is involved in extension at the shoulder joint.

Where is the Origin and Insertion of the Infraspinatus muscle?

Origin: infraspinous fossa

Insertion: middle facet of greater tuberosity


Rotator Cuff Muscles


Stretches the Infraspinatus muscle


Strengthen the Infraspinatus muscle