Levatores Costarum

Where Is the Levatores Costarum?


levatores costarum

Levatores Costarum are deep back muscles that run diagonally downward along the thoracic area of the spine from the sides of the spines bones into the ribs.

There are to Levatores Costarum Longi and Levatores Costarum Breves

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What are the Symptoms of a Levatores Costarum tear or strain?

Pain during inhalation because of the relationship between the levatores costarum muscles and the intercostals.

What is The Function of the Levatores Costarum?

Extend your spine, bend to the side, and rotate to the side. Assists in elevation of the thoracic rib cage  and used for deep inspiration.

Origin and Insertion of Levatores Costarum

Transverse processes of C7 to T11 vertebrae


Ribs, between tubercle and angle.


Stretches for Levatores Costarum

Strengthen the Levatores Costarum

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