Spinal Rotator Muscles

Where are the Rotator Muscles?


The rotator muscles are deep muscles in the spine that attach to the sides of the vertebrae. The Spinal Rotator Muscles lie beneath the multifidus muscles.

Spinal Rotator Muscles are  prominent in the thoracic region (Rib Cage Part) or the spine  and afe often overlooked in their responsibilities in the lower back and neck .

There are 11 are spinal rotator muscles  on either side or the spine.

Spinal Rotators tear and symptoms

It is rare for one of these muscles to tear without series traumato other muscles that play a more important role in body mechanics. There really is not much information out there about tears in these muscles but it is possible to seriously injure one of these delicate muscles especially when the spine is muscularly imbalance.




What is The Function of the Rotators

Bilateral contraction leads to a dorsal extension of the thoracic spine.


In unilateral contraction of the rotator muscles the spine rotates to the contralateral side in the section concerned.




Where is the Origin and Insertion of the Rotators?

Each of the rotatores muscles originates from the transverse processes the vertebra. 






Stretches for the Rotators Spinal Rotator Muscles





Strengthen the Spinal Rotator Muscles