Scalenes Muscles in the Neck

Where Is The Scalenes?

These muscle run down the sides of the neck at the front and attach to the ribs at the top of the chest.


Scalenes tear or strain symptoms

The scalene muscles are a main culprit to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome known as TOS. The tightness causes nerves from the neck to be compressed. Numbness and tingling sensations can travel down the arm and fingers (first finger and thumb) also contributing to loss of strength when gripping.
Pain down the arm and upper shoulder.
Sometimes pain can be in the first finger and thumb.


Spinal Protrusion at the neck.


What is The Function of the Scalenes

Anterior and middle scalene muscles elevate the first rib.

Helps to tilt the head forward to the side.

Posterior scalene raises the second rib during inspiration.

Scalenus posterior works with the following muscles: Longus capitis, longus colli, scalenus medius, and the scalenus interior muscles.


Scalenes Scalenes

Where is the Origin and Insertion of the Scalenes?

Origin Scelenus Anterior:  Transverse processes of C3 - C6
Insertion Scelenus Anterior: 1st rib
Origin Scelenus Medius: Transverse processes of C2 - C7
Insertion Scelenus Medius: 1st rib
Origin Scelenus Posterior: Transverse processes C4 - C6
Insertion Scelenus Posterior: 2nd rib

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