Serratus Posterior Inferior Muscle Yoga Anatomy

Where Is The Serratus Posterior Inferior?

The serratus posterior inferior muscle connects the lower 4 ribs to four vertebrae T11, T12, L1, L2 in the low back.

Serratus posterior inferior tear symptoms

Pain from the Serratus posterior inferior in the low back often mistaken for kidney pain.

What is The Function of the Serratus Posterior Inferior

The serratus posterior muscles contribute to the movement and stabilization of the vertebral column and the thorax.

The serratus posterior superior elevates the ribs and thus supports the inhalation especially when deep.

Where is the Origin and Insertion of the Serratus Posterior Inferior?


Spinous processes and supraspinous ligament of T11 through L5 (supraspinous ligament ends between L2 and L4)
Median sacral crest
Sacrotuberous ligament
Long posterior sacroiliac ligament
Lateral sacral crest
Posteromedial iliac crest


Attaches onto the posterior and inferior surfaces of the angles of the lower six to nine ribs.





Stretches for Serratus Posterior Inferior

Strengthen the Iliocostalis Lumborum




Strengthen the Serratus Posterior Inferior

Strengthen the Iliocostalis LumborumStrengthen the Iliocostalis Lumborum