Serratus Posterior Superior muscle yoga anatomy

Where Is The Serratus Superior?

The serratus anterior muscle is a fan shaped muscle running round at the lateral wall of the rib cage. This muscle crosses deep under the scapula and the pectoral muscles. In athletic bodies the muscle may be even visible to the naked eye along the ribs underneath the axilla. The Serratus Anterior muscle appears “serrated” or “saw-toothed” in appearance.

Serratus Posterior Superior muscle  tear symptoms

The serratus posterior superior muscle is involved in painful shoulders almost 100% of the time. Pain when coughing and breathing can mean this muscle is damaged or imbalanced.

Pain can radiate down the arm  to the fourth and fifth digits or be localized behind the shoulder.

Pain below the scapula.

Inability to take a deep breath without pain.

What is The Function of the Serratus Posterior Superior muscle

Assists forced inspiration by lifting the ribs. Also  assists the diaphragm in breathing.


Origin and Insertion of the Serratus Posterior Superior muscle

ORIGIN: Spinous processes and supraspinous ligaments of C7-T2

INSERTION: Posterior aspect of ribs 2-5



Stretches the Serratus Posterior Superior muscle

Strengthen the Serratus Posterior Superior muscle

Although this muscle is manly used for breathing it is also used for.