Where is the Supraspinatus?

Its origin is the supraspinatous fossa Insertion which is the highest facet on the humerus is the greater tubercle of the humerus.


Symptoms of a Supraspinatus Tear

symptoms tear rotator cuffThe supraspinatus muscle is the most often damaged rotator of all 4 cuff muscles.

The  supraspinatus plays a key role in the proper function of the shoulder especially on the top.

Many rotator cuff muscles can be a source of pain for many reasons such as inflammation, muscle degeneration or muscle tears.

Fraying of the supraspinatus tendon surface, partial thic


kness tears, and full thickness supraspinatus tears are all quite common.
The drop arm test is done by raising the arm to the side (abducted out 90 degrees) which is horizontally aligned with the shoulders. The arm must be lowered slowly and with control. Pain can indicate supraspinatus damage.



What is The Function of the Supraspinatus?

The supraspinatus is one of the first muscles to act in adducting the arm away from the body. It is also a stabilizer in the shoulder joint in both anterior and posterior stability.



Where is the Supraspinatus Origin and Insertion?

Origin: Supraspinatous fossa
Insertion: Greater tubercle of the humerus

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