Vastus intermedius

Where Is the Vastus intermedius?

The Vastus intermedius muscle is a very deep quadriceps muscle that runs down the center front part of the thigh down through the cener of the knee.


What are the Symptoms of a Vastus intermedius Tear or Strain?

This muscle is necessary to stabilize the tracking (sliding) of the knee.

Pain will often occur down the middle of the leg if there is a tear or strain.

When this muscle does not function well the knee can suddenly buckle.

Imbalance weakness or strain in this muscle can cause the problems with the sliding of the knee.


What is The Function of the Vastus intermedius?

This muscle extends the knee (straightens when bent)
It also help stabilize the movement of the knee cap (Patella)

It locks the knee straight when the knee is fully extended.

Controls the knee in the middle part.

Helps hold the kneecap in it's groove.



Origin and Insertion of Vastus intermedius

Top of the femur bone on the shaft and lateral part of the bone (outer part).

Patella quadriceps tendon through the knee into tubercle of tibia.