Aum Meditation

In this part of the course we listen and learn how how to use the sacred sounds in yoga. Yogi's have been chanting the sacred humming sound for thousands of years and believe it to have qualities that turn you into a higher state of being.

Sutras - Samadhi Pada

yoga sutras
God is the teacher of all teachers through time.
Yoga Sutra 1-26 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
God becomes present in the sacred sound of Aum.

Yoga Sutra 1-27 Audio mp3

yoga sutras
This is the purpose of repeating the sacred sound.

Yoga Sutra 1-28 Audio mp3


Earth's Mysterious Hum

In the late 1990s, seismologists discovered the world also constantly vibrates at very low frequencies. This hum is too faint for humans to feel but Yogis may have been tuned in for a long time as their senses are microscopic.

Scientists found that colliding ocean waves could generate seismic waves that take 13 seconds or less to complete one ripple. When it came to slower waves, they found that ocean waves moving over the seafloor could generate seismic waves with a frequency of 13 to 300 seconds. Most of the mystery hum comes from these longer waves. The pressure of these longer ocean waves on the seafloor causes most of the Earth's bell-like ringing, the researchers said. (And we always thought those noises were generated by the monks in Tibet)