Yoga Sutras Ch1 31-40

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Samadhi Pada

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Other distractions are sorrow, Despair, anxiety, improper breathing and an unfocused mind.

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To prevent this follow a devotional one pointed practice.

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A peaceful tranquility surfaces when we encourage joy, happiness

and virtue. Detach from pain, sorrow, vice and suffering.

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After exhalation, during the stillness before inhalation,

there is calmness. This can remove distractions.

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Or by unifying the mind with an object.

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Or by removing all sorrow and meditating on a shining state of illumination within.

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Or by contemplating sages.

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Or by inquiry into day dreaming, dreams from sleep and states of awakening.

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Or by meditating upon something of our liking that is in harmony with the path.

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When progressed the mind will understand all there is to be known.

From the smallest particle to that which is vast and distant.

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