Yoga Sutras Ch1 41-51

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Samadhi Pada

yoga sutras
When controlling fluctuations is mastered the seer becomes one with the seen. The seen is

known and shines forth through the seer like the suns reflection on a flawless crystal.

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yoga sutras
Words, purpose, intelligence and imagination merge and transform.

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Memory becomes pure and untainted by nature. Pure form exists without reflection.

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Reflection may or may not be used to comprehend the subtle bodies.

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yoga sutras
The subtle bodies are without form.

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These previous forms of union are described with seeds.

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yoga sutras
A skillful practitioner that has grown aware of the relationship between divinity and the self may
meditate without the use of seeds and reflection. They shine without fluctuation.

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yoga sutras
The essence of truth causes insight and pure wisdom.

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yoga sutras
This knowledge is not based on memory. It is beyond that which has been attained from external sources.

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yoga sutras
A new life of spiritual wisdom manifests ,old impression that may arise and cause conflict are left , new ones are prevented.

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yoga sutras
With the restraint and continual effort on transformation the seedless states of profound meditation and absolute union occur.

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