Yoga Sutras Ch2 1-10

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Sadhana Pada

With burning desire reflect upon and understand the self,
understand the sacred text and surrender all actions to God.

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Meditate profoundly on becoming completely absorbed to reduce afflictions.

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Afflictions causing disturbance are lack of spiritual awareness,
misapprehension, ego, desire, passion, greed,
hate, jealousy, attachment to life, fear, anxiety and sorrow.

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Some afflictions and their source remain hidden waiting to be awakened.
This is due to a lack of spiritual awareness and ignorance. Others
afflictions have bloomed and are fully active.

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The need for pleasures and the source of suffering comes from identifying
that which is impure and not eternal. True self is pure and eternal.

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Perception and thought intertwine to create ego.

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Pleasure is seductive and causes deep attachments.

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Hatred and resentment are related to fear and suffering.

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Even the wise and spiritually progressed have attachment to life.

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For progress these afflictions and obstacles must
be removed. No matter how small they may be.

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