Yoga Sutras Ch2 11-20

The Patanjali Sutras - Sadhana Pada

Meditation removes these disturbances.

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It may be possible to see the cause of suffering, but the karma
may also be hidden, unrelated to time and the life being experienced.

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Our very being is rooted in karma. It affects the place
of birth, quality of life and its span.

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We experience joy or suffering and vice or virtue as a result of Karma.

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With awareness and wisdom of thought discrimination, rising impressions
of distress, pain and suffering can suppressed before they manifest.

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Then future suffering can also be prevented.

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Pain comes from the inability to separate true self from the illusory self.

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Light shines on nature revealing 3 qualities. Its ability to absorb and reflect light.
Its vibration and constant change and its shape and density. This and the elements
are perceived through the five senses, engaged with the five organs of action and
considered with the mind. Nature's pleasures can seduce the seer unless the seer
remains disengaged for the sake of liberation and freedom.

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It may or may not be apparent but nature's 3 qualities and all that is
seen is in continual change. A greater intelligence may be seen in
everything creating a perception of unity in all that is.

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Awareness becomes pure when this perception of unity in nature is developed.

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