Yoga Sutras Ch2 21-30

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Sadhana Pada

For this one reason all that is seen must be perceived by the true self.

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Those who attain this perception of unity in nature
are no longer bound to it. All others are.

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Perception of unity in nature and the true self merge creating a force that
frees us from
the needs and bondage's of life. One becomes a master of one's self,
no longer
a slave to nature.

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A lack of true awareness will keep us bound to the needs and cravings of nature.

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By severing the bonds of nature and remaining in
union one reaches absolute freedom and emancipation.

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One must continually separate truth from illusion.

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There are seven aspects that must be practiced before we reach a state of
absolute truth.

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With devoted practice in these aspects of Yoga, impurities and
obstacles are eliminated and true wisdom in its essence shines.

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These seven aspects are self restraint, universal laws, sacred posture, regulation
of breath, control and restraint of the senses, concentration and meditation.
With their practice comes the eighth aspect of Yoga. This is a state of being
absolutely absorbed in the source of life.

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In the practice of the first aspect the following is considered. Non-violence,

honesty, non-stealing, celibacy, study of scripture and not possessing or

consuming that which is unnecessary. These are universal laws.

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