Yoga Sutras Ch2 31-40

The Patanjali Sutras - Sadhana Pada

This first aspect called Yama is unaffected by time, environment,
class, and intelligence.

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The second aspect is Niyama. This is Cleanliness and purity, contentment,

deep spiritual faith, spiritual practice and surrender to god.

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Reflect upon the positive aspect of existence to remove the negative.

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Violence in thought, word or action, desire, greed, lust and anger, illusion, obsession,
suffering and fear all rise from ignorance and lack of true intellectual awareness.
They may affect us intensely, mildly or somewhere in-between and will continue to
do this until intervention takes place. Then positive uplifting states can be felt.

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When violence and hate are removed from within the practitioner there

is a passiveness that influences others to desert hostility in their presence.

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When pure truth is developed ones words become highly

potent and influential. Words manifest into reality.

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All that is needed will come when one does not take that

which is not essential or that which is not theirs to take.

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Remaining in celibacy allows one to gain energy and vitality.

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Non attachment allows peace and time for contemplation. Knowledge and clarity of self stemming back to birth is found.

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Purity in body and self must be maintained. This may

include non-contact with those that hinder this purity.

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