Yoga Sutras Ch2 41-55

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Sadhana Pada

The ability to perceive ones true self manifests further when the senses are controlled and the mind and consciousness reach purity. The practitioner becomes filled with joy.

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A deeper happiness in gained when the practitioner is content.

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Burning zeal and faith in practice removes impurities and enables
the practitioner to gain the power necessary to control the senses.

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Self study and reflection on a desired deity brings one into union.

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Absolute absorption in unity is accomplished though surrender to God.

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Happiness, steadiness and firmness must be felt in the sacred postures.

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Passiveness is necessary for endurance when this infinite art of form is practiced.

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Then conflictions and disturbances cease.

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With this mastered one then begins vital breath exercise to control energy flow.
Retentions and motions of inhalations and exhalations are involved.

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The 3 parts: inhalation, exhalation and the retentions are
observed, the time is measured, and carefully lengthened.

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Breath becomes stable, rhythmic and natural.

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Then that which covers the light is destroyed.

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The mind becomes capable of concentration.

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One then draws inwards removing oneself from external and internal
distractions. The senses will no longer obstruct one from the path.

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Then the highest level of controlling the senses is achieved.

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