Yoga Sutras Ch3 1-10

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Vibhuti Pada

yoga sutras
Concentration is focusing the mind on something and remaining fixed.

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yoga sutras
Meditation is moving closer to this without distraction.

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Samadhi is becoming perfectly absorbed in stillness and

union with that which is concentrated and meditated upon.

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The three merge into one. This is Samyama.

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When mastered a pure wisdom and insight surfaces

in relation to that which has been absorbed.

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This mastery is developed gradually.

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These three aspects are internal compared with the others.

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yoga sutras
But even this can be perceived as external in

comparison to the seedless states of Samadhi.

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Thoughts rise but are suppressed. Re-occurring thoughts and deeper
impressions are also suppressed and removed.The connection is made
with the moment between. This is transformation through restraint.

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yoga sutras
Continual peace flows when these rising impressions are suppressed.

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