Yoga Sutras Ch3 11-20

The Patanjali Sutras - Vibhuti Pada

yoga sutras
The many scattered thoughts slowly disappear, a one pointed mind emerges.
Consciousness is transforming into spiritual oneness with the source of life.

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yoga sutras
Again there is a rise and fall in and out of this state. It is similar to before. Action must
be taken for consciousness to remain one pointed and for transformation to continue.

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yoga sutras
Then a visible transformation occurs in body and
senses, character, behavior and actions.

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yoga sutras
Calmness is present in being but true potential has not yet manifested.
The virtuous road must be closely followed and proper action followed.

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yoga sutras
Proceeding will cause transformations that are quite apparent.

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yoga sutra s
Knowledge of the past and future comes from the transformation caused
by the merging of concentration, meditation and Samadhi.

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yoga sutras
Sound, meaning and feelings merge. Then the universal language of all beings is known.

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yoga sutras
Hidden and past impressions surface into consciousness. Everything about
them becomes known. They may come from experiences in life or beyond birth.

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yoga sutras
Consciousness of others is known.

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yoga sutras
This knowledge is not to be used unless aiding others in
finding that
which they cannot perceive but seek in life.

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