Yoga Sutras Ch3 21-30

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Vibhuti Pada

yoga sutras
Control of the energy form in the body leads to the power to change the effects light
has on it. When light does not interact with form it becomes invisible to the eye.

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yoga sutras
By the same means sound is controlled.

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yoga sutras
Understand and master all actions. Know their effects
which can be immediate or may remain dormant surfacing later.
Time of death can known from this knowledge or from omens.

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Inner strength manifests from the cultivation of friendliness.

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yoga sutras
Samyama on strength allows its growth to that of an elephant.

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yoga sutras
This knowledge of undetectable light close and far becomes known.

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yoga sutras
Samyama on the sun brings knowledge of deeper worlds.

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yoga sutras
Samyama on the moon brings knowledge of the order of the stars.

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yoga sutras
Samyama on the North Star brings knowledge of destiny.

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yoga sutras
Samyama on the navel brings knowledge of
energy centers and their interactions.

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