Yoga Sutras Ch3 31-40

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Vibhuti Pada

yoga sutras
Samyama on the hollow in the throat

brings control over hunger and thirst.

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yoga sutras
Samyama on the tortoise energy line at the base

of the skull gives firmness and steadiness.

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Samyama on the light in the head brings

the ability to perceive evolved beings.

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Pure illuminated spiritual perception leads

to knowledge of all there is to be known.

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Samyama on the heart leads to knowledge of consciousness.

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Understanding of soul in its pure luminosity becomes distinct and apart
from the awareness and experience of pain and pleasure and our interest in
it. Restraint must once again be exercised to gain this knowledge of soul.

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Then spiritual perception in hearing and sound,

touch, sight, taste and smell become enhanced.

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Powers that rise can be followed but will only act as obstacles in breaking

down separation and becoming completely absorbed in the source of life.

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Relaxing the forces that bond one to the body will

allow the consciousness to enter the body of others.

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yoga sutras
Mastery of one of the five pranas (udana) moves energy from the

lower body upward creating a lightness and ascension that allows

one to move over water, mud, thorns and more without contact.

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