Yoga Sutras Ch3 41-56

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Vibhuti Pada

yoga sutras
Mastery of the vital energy involved in gastric

fire creates a aura that glows like a blazing fire.

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yoga sutras
Samyama on the relationship between space and sound.

By restraining hearing one learns to hear divine sounds.

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Relationship between the physical body and body of ether is known.
This physical body can be constrained in order for the body of ether
to become light like a cotton fiber. It can then move through space.

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The veil of energy obstruction caused by the perception of separation dissolves completely. Consciousness can now move beyond the body.

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Samyama on gross and light forms leads to knowledge of their purpose. In restraining

the gross bodies interactions in certain ways a mastery is gained over the elements.

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yoga sutras
From this perfection of the body manifests,

obstructions disappear. More powers surface.

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yoga sutras
A graceful attractive form, charm, beauty, great

strength and firmness is perfection in body.

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The power of understanding true form. The need for restraint in the ego

and the senses yet understanding their purpose. This is the conquest.

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Then a sharpness of mind comes due to it unbinding of the senses

and their not interfering with the purity if spirit in expression.

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yoga sutras
When knowledge has been successfully understood and the necessary discrimination

applied a pure illuminative state of the soul manifests. All is then known.

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yoga sutras
In destroying the seeds of bondage and being unattached to the powers

that manifest we can progress to the ultimate emancipated states of Yoga.

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yoga sutras
Summons to respectful status and higher ranks manifests as a
result of the knowledge of samyama. This may stimulate surprise
and joy. An effort must be made to still any attachment.

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yoga sutras
Samyama on sequences of events in relation to time manifests knowledge.

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yoga sutras
Then knowledge comes regarding that which seems to be of similar

origin and form but has hidden properties that differentiate it.

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yoga sutras
In this way all is known even that which is unrelated and unaffected by time.

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yoga sutras
Perfect freedom occurs when pure consciousness and the purity of soul become equal.

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