Yoga Sutras Ch4 1-10

The Patanjali Sutras - Kaivalya Pada

yoga sutras
One may gain insightful knowledge from birth, herbs, drugs,

intense spiritual practice, or profound meditation.

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yoga sutras
A new state of life comes from the transformation

in yoga. Nature's energy flows though us in abundance.

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yoga sutras
This is a more subtle use of nature than that of a

agriculturist, but there are also many similarities.

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yoga sutras
Alone in our individuality we can measure

and extend the auras of consciousness.

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yoga sutras
Consciousness can move in many ways, but when centered

to oneness, it becomes influential in progression.

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yoga sutras
Freedom from unnecessary influence and impressions

comes as a result of meditation.

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yoga sutras
A yogis actions are neither white nor black.

Others fall under 3 tendencies.

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yoga sutras
Impressions corresponding to these tendencies

manifest into their developed states.

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yoga sutras
Past impressions and memories reveal the essence of

origin and position in relation to time. There are

similarities for each lifetime.

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yoga sutras
Some of those memories and impressions are without

beginning. They have been with us eternally.

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