Yoga Sutras Ch4 11-20

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Kaivalya Pada

yoga sutras
There are causes of memories and impressions. Effects which are

reliant and bound to causes become absent and disappear without them.

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yoga sutras
Both past and future are true. One has occurred the other is to occur.

That which has occurred characterizes that which is yet to occur.

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yoga sutras
They manifest changes in the subtle and gross qualities of nature.

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yoga sutras
Objects in nature remain real, but undergo changes
due to the awareness of oneness caused by transformation.

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yoga sutras
Objects appear similar, but each consciousness perceives them differently.

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yoga sutras
An object remains to be an object whether perceived or not perceived.

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yoga sutras
Objects remain unknown until consciousness becomes

fully aware of them. Then they are known.

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yoga sutras
The soul and its source become always known.
No longer lost in the fluctuations of consciousness.

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yoga sutras
Consciousness cannot illuminate the self and perceive life simultaneously.

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yoga sutras
Perceiving and comprehending do not occur in the same instant.

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