Yoga Sutras Ch4 21-34

The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Kaivalya Pada

yoga sutras
   When the mind is overloaded, there is confusion. An inability
to properly use memory and consciousness occurs.

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yoga sutras
Consciousness assumes its own form and
reflects intelligence
when the
perceiver is accomplished in mind stillness.

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Consciousness is the source of all comprehension for the seer.
It is influenced and colored by that which is seen in the external.

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yoga sutras
Impressions, memories, desires and immeasurable thoughts
are tangled and woven into consciousness.

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yoga sutras
There is growth in the distinction between the soul and that which

perceives. The perception created by ego dissolves.

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yoga sutras
Then streams of intelligence appear in consciousness regarding the invisible

existence. Consciousness must draw closer to this knowledge.

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yoga sutras
Move confidently towards openings in the space between impressions.

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yoga sutras
Then it is said that our afflictions must be abandoned.

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yoga sutras
Profound meditation will set us free from desires and distractions with the proper

use of discriminative thinking. Then supreme intelligence rains upon us. We now

have the knowledge necessary to remain in union with the source of life.

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yoga sutras
The afflictions of Karma cease to affect us.

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yoga sutras
Impurities are removed and shrouds concealing infinite universal
knowledge vanish. This newly found knowledge and wisdom is glorious.
All that was learned previously seems insignificant.

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yoga sutras
  All that has to be done in order to remove the perception of
separation and become transformed into illumination has been
done. That which is external can no longer affect us.

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yoga sutras
Approaching the end of the journey, moments of interruption cease, in
due course, illuminative states of transformation and expansion prevail.

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yoga sutras
Universal requirements of life have been achieved and moved aside or discarded, the qualities of nature no longer draw the seer, all can be left behind as movement is made back into the purity of consciousness experienced before birth, a beautiful liberation overcomes our essence and a pure consciousness is firmly established with life's source.

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