Class Objectives

It can be a largely debated subject on what is the most important class intentions and objectives. It can cover of gross aspects of teaching and yoga class or subtle ones. We like to consider some that are just golden for all yoga classes.


Tone all the major muscle groups
Toning all the major muscle groups during class safely, efficiently and effectively is essential for a high quality yoga class. When practitioners understand all the major muscles are being toned during a class they will return time and time again. Experiment with different ways to tone all of the major muscle groups.

Stretch on the major muscle groups
Stretching safely usually requires long durations within a stretch. However practitioners in this day and age often get bored and feel they are not progressing when an instructor chooses to stretch the muscles correctly and safely. This does create some kind of problem but an instructor has to overcome.
Flexibility is essential for progress in practitioners. It is usually good to fatigue practitioners with a flow and then take them to a stretch to rest. This way a stretch is welcome as a way to recover.

Encourage good breathing
During class always encourage good breathing. Their breathing can often become shallow and non-existent when practitioners perform yoga. Try to observe the practitioners as they practice and give breathing suggestions frequently.

Protect Practitioners that are high risk
Identify practitioners that are highly risk. These are practitioners that are frail, injured or new to yoga. Give them a special help to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Teach a good meditation.
Learning to teach a good meditation as this is the very essence of the practice of yoga and all too often it is missed out of most yoga classes.

Present Yoga in an understandable way
Learn to present the essence of yoga in a clear understandable way. This is the true art of being a great yoga teacher.


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