Measuring Class Effectiveness

The Art Of Teaching - Measuring Your Ability To Teach

Yoga instructors can measure their performance as a teacher by viewing the abilities of their participants over time. Progress can be measured by class practitioners ability to move very independently throughout class while performing flawless postures.
Clear goals should be understood and implemented during class as a means of finding points to measure practitioner progress. Successfully informing practitioners of goals and monitoring their attempts in achieving those goals is the art of teaching. When practitioners achieve these goals we can measure our own ability to allow influence and perfect practitioners. In finding points of reference one can identify it with the individual and reward them when progress is made.

Find ways to measure your effectiveness as a yoga teacher by analyzing the flexibility of practitioners as well as their muscle strength and endurance. Yoga postures often serve as a level where we can observe points of flexibility within individuals. The can also be used to measure muscle endurance if you hold practitioners in poses.Still098

We can also measure our ability to teach through verbal instruction and monitoring how well people follow the verbal instruction. This means being very tuned in after you make a command to the response of the command.

Effectiveness of a class can also be measured by the mental and emotional responses of practitioners. If the idea is to get people to return to class on a regular basis then giving them an enjoyable experience where they feel challenged and well exercised is essential. If people have a great experience mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually you have taught a highly effective class.
If you continue to perfect your presentation even the stars will not be your limit.
If highly effective classes are taught to practitioners which sculpt and tone major muscles of the body practitioners will return to your class time and again.


In this course you will learn how to measure your class effectiveness. This is an interesting subject because it makes you inquisitive to many things that will lead you to becoming a great teacher. Timing of holding and flowing

Physical Exam
In the physical exam you are asked to demonstrate class effectiveness flows and ways to measure them.

Written Exam
The written exam consists of multiple choice related your class effectiveness.



Teaching Methodology: 25 hours
Minimum contact hours: 15 hours
Minimum contact hours w/ Lead Trainer(s): 10 hours


Level 1 course: 5 hours contact plus 5 hours required non contact
Level 2 course: 10 hours contact plus 10 hours required non contact


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