Teaching Beginners Yoga


Beginners fall into a very special need category for yoga students because they will need more help than anyone else to get through the class.
Careful attention must be given to beginners throughout a yoga sequence so they manage to follow along without too much of a struggle.

Attention must also be given to prevent injury in beginners and so that they become inspired to attend again.

Learn how to welcome beginners into class and inform them about what to expect from class.

Classes can be specially suited for beginner yoga practitioners or classes can be suited for all levels.

Beginner yoga practitioners should be welcomed into the practice of yoga with guidance and preparation of what to expect.

Occasionally beginners will walk into a more progressed class. If this occurs care must be taken so the safety of the beginner is not compromised and they have a positive experience.


5 Tips For Teaching Beginners Yoga



In this course you will learn how to identify many aspects of a beginners needs.

Physical Exam
In the physical exam you are asked to demonstrate many of the modifications needed to help beginners cope well in your class.

Written Exam
The written exam consists of multiple choice related to beginners needs.



Teaching Methodology: 25 hours
Minimum contact hours: 15 hours
Minimum contact hours w/ Lead Trainer(s): 10 hours


Level 1 course: 5 hours contact plus 5 hours required non contact
Level 2 course: 10 hours contact plus 10 hours required non contact