The Beatles & Yoga

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In early 1968 the Beatles traveled to northern India to study Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi. Their interest in the Maharishi influenced the West on yoga spirituality and Transcendental Meditation.


When Maharishi was visiting London in August 1967 the Beatles then attended a 10 day seminar in West Wales on Meditation led by Maharishi. Sadly the sudden death of their manager Brian Epstein of an accidental drug overdose on 27 August cut it short. It was devastating to them. It was a good time for them to transcend away form artificially induced mind alteration and begin natural alteration through meditation.


Ringo continues to preach positive thinking through transcendental meditation to this day. Ringo invites everyone everywhere to join him on his birthday to celebrate with a moment of Peace and Love in Hollywood on his 75th Birthday.


Mark Giubarelli is a private yoga teacher in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

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