Firewalking Injuries

A man decided to show his devotion to god by walking over hot coals. As he approached he prayed for strength and instantly felt warm. He knew his devotion would be seen from above.

After getting halfway the man tripped and fell burning every part of his skin. He rolled and screamed in agony desperately climbing out of the coal pit.
While fighting for his life he was visited by an angel. In sadness he asked why god had forsaken him. The angel replied "we watched from above and wondered why on approaching the firepit you did not take a left. "
The are enough dangers in this world. Running headfirst into one of them and asking for protection is unnecessary yet something we all do in various forms. Remove your obstacles and don't choose to run into new ones.

Mark Giubarelli


Firewalking has existed for thousands of years, it is an ancient act where mind over matter plays an important role.