Katie Olderman Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna Quotes: 

When the "I" disappears, what is remains. That cannot be described in words." 


Who are you beyond your name, your story, your life experiences? One of my favorite yoga teachers brings this up in class a lot, and I love thinking about it. This quote really clearly exemplifies that— who are we? There is something beyond our mind, beyond our ego and we need to have faith and trust in that universal intelligence more often. This is something I am working hard to cultivate; meditation is challenging and requires commitment, but developing discipline, faith, and trust are integral to a successful yoga practice— and successful to life outside of yoga. What is it that exists when we take the ‘I’ out of the picture? As Ramakrishna says it cannot be described in words.. but we can all feel it and experience it in a very real sense in the present moment. To me it seems a lot like universal oneness— that once we get rid of our own personal stories, we are all basically exactly the same and all interconnected— and how beautiful would that be?