Iliacus muscle yoga anatomy

Where Is the Iliacus?

The Iliacus muscle runs through the inside of your plevis all the way down to the top inner part of the leg bone.


What are the Symptoms of a Iliacus muscle tear?

An Iliacus Tear or strain will result in pain over the front hip or groin area.
It will also cause weakness when lifting the leg forward and up.

Iliopsoas tendinitis and iliopsoas syndrome can be relieved by strengthening the muscles of the hips, Gluteal muscles and lower back muscles.


Tight psoas and illiacus muscles pull on your lumbar spine, which compresses the discs and strains the lower back. Weakness in the Iliopsoas may result in a sway back posture also known as flat back posture.


What is The Function of the Iliacus?

The iliacus flexes the thigh on the pelvis and forward tilts the pelvis. If the legs are fixed in standing the illiacus will bring your upper body into a forward bend.

It is also a major muscle in supporting the pelvic tilt helping to maintain proper body posture.

The Illiacus muscles is one of the major muscles that help you walk.


Origin and Insertion of Iliacus muscle

Together with the psoas major muscle, it is also called the iliopsoas muscle.




Stretches the Iliacus muscle




Strengthen the Iliacus muscle






This muscle attaches to the iliac fossa, inside of the iliac crest and top outer portion of the pelvic bone.

Lesser trochanter of the femur