Psoas major muscle yoga anatomy

Where Is the Psoas major?

The Psoas major starts at the lower back and runs through the pelvis down into the leg bone at the top..


What are the Symptoms of a Psoas major Tear or strain?

The most common symptoms are pain when running or walking in the groin area.
Pain and weakness when lifting the leg forward and up.



What is The Function of the Psoas major?

The Psoas flexes the thigh on the pelvis (lifts the leg up and forward) and forward tilts the pelvis. If the legs are fixed in standing the illiacus will bring your upper body into a forward bend.


Origin and Insertion of the Psoas major muscle

Origin: The lumbar vertebrae L1 to L5.

Insertion: Lesser trochanter of the femur



Stretches the Psoas major muscle


Strengthen the Psoas major muscle




Together with the Illiacus muscle, the Psoas is also called the iliopsoas muscle.