Semispinalis Thoracis

Where is the Semispinalis Thoracis?

The spinalis thoracis cannot be seen by the eye because it is a underneath muscles such as the rhomboids, trapezius and latissimus dorsi.

Semispinalis thoracis tear or strain symptoms

Because this is such a deep muscle usually when it is stressed out and tight the surrounding muscles will also be affected. This muscle in particular can pull on the spine in ways that causes it to curve into slight scoliosis.

Pain can be felt deep between the shoulders close to the spine and also along the lower back.

If this muscle tightens on one side even 7% more than the other side it can affect the hip position and compress the discs. The pain often times is felt on the opposite side of of the lower back.



What is The Function of the Semispinalis thoracis

Acting bilaterally (both sides at the same time) contraction of both spinalis thoracis muscles causesĀ  hyperextension of the thoracic spine shown in the yoga card.


They work together with the semispinalis thoracis, longissimus thoracis and iliocostalis thoracis muscles.


Where is the Origin and Insertion of the Semispinalis thoracis?

transverse processes of fifth to eleventh thoracic vertebrae; insertion, spinous processes of first four thoracic and fifth and seventh cervical vertebrae; action, extends vertebral column