Splenius Capitis

The splenius capitis originates from the Greek word spléníon (bandage) and Latin caput which means head.


Where is the Splenius Capitis?

The Splenius Capitis goes from the base of the skull and the sides of the first three neck bones down to the center of the spine between the shoulders.

Splenius Capitis tear and injury symptoms

Pain will radiate between the shoulders at the top and will go all the way up to the base of the skull.

If this muscle is is a state of stress it can contribute to headaches.

Pain across the front of the chest when sneezing or coughing.



What is The Function of the Splenius Capitis

The Splenius Muscles act in opposition to the Sternocleidomastoid muscle. These muscles pull you back towards the middle of the shoulders in your back while the Sternocleidomastoid muscles pull you forward.


The splenius capitis muscle is the main muscle used during head extension.

The splenius capitis can also aids lateral flexion and rotation of the neck and head When activated it will stretch your chin up and a little to the side.



Where is the Origin and Insertion of the Splenius Capitis?

The center of the spine between the shoulders on the spinous processes and supraspinous ligaments from T3 to T6


Top of the neck on the sides of the first three vertebra's  posterior tubercles from  C1 to C3


Stretches for the Splenius Capitis





Strengthen the Splenius Capitis




Muscle Relationship

The  Splenius Capitis and Splenius Cervicis  muscles work together the extend the head and neck