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Marlin Monroe doing Yoga with Mark Giubarelli

Celebrity Yoga lessons with Marilyn Monroe. In this pose I was helping her touch her toes in a yoga pose called Bramacharyasana. 

See Marilyn Monroe in the Headstand

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One Leg Headstand


Side Shoulderstand

Ringo On His 75th Birthday In Hollywood

Learn what he tell us after all these years.

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Celebrity Yoga
Learn about The Beatles and transcendental meditation.


marilyn monroe YOGA

Marilyn Monroe Shouderstand 2

  • Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones

    In a seated meditation pose.


    "There ain't no Stones without Brian Jones"

    Born on the 28th February 1942 was the the founder of the Rolling Stones. Jones was extremely talented being able to play the guitar, harmonica and keyboard and more.


    After getting a little too involved in drugs and a bit irrational to other band members he was asked to leave the Rolling Stones in June 1969 by the other band members. Brian Jones died less than a month later in his swimming pool from drowning while intoxicated at his home on in Hartfield, England.


    Bill Wyman (Original Rolling Stones bassist) said, "He formed the band. He chose the members. He named the band. He chose the music we played. He got us gigs.


  • The 8 Limbs Of Yoga No 6



    Dharana is the 6th Limb of Yoga. Patanjali describes 8 Limbs essential to the path of Yoga.
    Dharana is the ability to remain focused without distraction.

    The Yoga Sutras

  • Shoulderstand

    Marilyn Monroe Yoga
    One Leg Shoulderstand - Eka Pada Sarvangasana

  • Ringo Starr 75th

    You'll never guess what happened at Capitol Records when Ringo Starr wanted to announce peace and love!

    For his 75th Birthday (looking young Ringo) Ringo Starr wanted to deliver a message from Capitol Records.!
    Each year Ringo encourages people around the world on his birthday to stop for a moment and say, “peace and love”.
    On Tuesday the 7th of July 2015 at Noon outside Capitol Records Ringo made an appearance.
    Unfortunately Capitol Records which has been in the music business for over half a century was unable to get the microphone working.

    Ringo Starr Mic Not Working

    So this is what he said, “peace and love has been my mantra for a long time now. Since the 1960's I have been meditating after being influenced by the famous Guru Maharishi Mahesh who taught me Mantra meditation. Since then I have meditated almost daily using the Mantra meditation and transcendental meditation techniques.
    I have been encouraging it in schools to reduce violence and to help the children concentrate better. So far it seems to be working.”

    As a yoga practitioner myself I think it's wonderful that Ringo Starr came out to mention so many things about real yoga. And who could ask for someone to deliver a better message.
    May the Eternal Sun Light always shine in your heart Ringo!


    A transcript from the "The Beatles Anthology," about their time with Maharishi.
    RINGO: "I was really impressed with the Maharishi, and was impressed because he was laughing all the time. He was just having a ball. You know, it was another point of view. It was the first time we're getting into sort of Eastern philosophies now."
    GEORGE: "Rishikesh is an incredible place. It's, like, 99 percent of the population of Rishikesh are all renunciates. And it's right in the foothills of the Himalayas. It's where the Ganges flows out of the Himalayas into the plains of Kurukshetra, it's called, the plains between Delhi and the Himalayas."
    RINGO: "I mean, we were really away from everything. It was like a sort of recluse holiday camp, you know, right at the foot of the Himalayas. It was like being up a mountain, even though they call it the foothills, hanging over the Ganges."
    Ringo Starr 75th


    "We'd seen Maharishi up north when we were kids. He was on the telly every few years on Granada's People And Places program, the local current affairs show. We'd all say, 'Hey, did you see that crazy guy last night?' So we knew all about him: he was the giggly little guy going round the globe seven times to heal the world."
    Paul McCartney


  • Ice-T Anyone?

    Celebrity Yoga
    Had such a nice private by the pool today.

    With Coco Austin and sister Kristy Williams.

  • Famous Headstand

    The Headstand Yoga Pose Posture Sirsasana

    The Headstand Yoga Pose doing a synchronized flow into One Leg Headstand with Marilyn Monroe.


    Sending LOVE from the stars!



    Yoga Outfit

  • Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga Yoga Outfit

    There is some kind of football game at the Lady Gaga concert today. Bummer.

  • George Harrison Yoga

    yoga celebrity Hollywood

    A nice picture of George Harrison in his Yoga days.

  • Celebrity Yoga

    A nice session today with an old flame.

    celebrity yoga teacher teaching Marlin Minroe

  • Remain Free

    Often times we are a slave to the mind. Those who have freedom remain imprisoned while those that are imprisoned find a way to be free. Audio extract from Charles Manson.