Is Yoga A Religion?

Modern yoga, as most people have come to know it as, appears to be much more inclined towards physical exercise with a little bit of positivity added to classes in a spiritual way. For this reason modern Yoga is definitely not a religion.

But in the past there was much deeper forms of yoga considered. Yoga was much more mental with advanced breathing and less physical exertion in the past.
It is easy to think of the older forms of yoga as a religion when we observe many yoga practitioners in India sitting cross-legged appearing to be worshiping some form of religion.
Thousands of years ago there was a book written called the Yoga Sutras which are complex verses on the art of spirituality. They became an admired authority on the path of yoga for all yoga teachers.
The surprising thing about these versus is that they appear to be much more driven towards a psychological approach to conquering the mind rather than a religious practice.
They were not spread the same way religion is as a practitioner had to have shown dramatic willpower and perseverance to have attained a specific state before contemplating these sutras or even being revealed them by their teacher or guru.
One of the greatest arguments for this not being a religion is that during the Yoga Sutras Patanjali states, “you can achieve a state of the union with this higher state of consciousness by these means or by these means or by these means or by integrating a sage or deity of your choice.” mentioning various ways to achieve a state of yoga that will apparently fit into anyone's current form of worship.
Because the Sanskrit language was not clearly established at this time a lot of the words are open to interpretation in some different forms. So many great minds have interpreted these Sanskrit text in beautiful ways so you will find the many different authors that translated these texts offer some beautiful insights into life spirituality and yoga extending the rays of light that is beautiful text offers .


"There is no religion on this earth that does not have a little yoga in it, but yoga is not a religion."
Swami Rama