Laughing Yoga

Guru Yogi Ramesh is a master of stress relief and laughing yoga.

If you live in the Los Angeles Area and wish a
Private audience with Yogi Ramesh the fee is usually $200.
Laughing Yoga Workshop 2 hours $500 – up to 20 people.
Get yoga in your office $200.00 per session

If you are interested of wish to fly Guru to your destination call this number.


Learn more about Yogi Ramesh at

You can purchase the video on his site it’s called “Yoga To Go” (First Video)
Includes a special yoga workout with Yogi Ramesh plus great breathing and laughing yoga.
The clip below is part of the DVD. 


Yogi Ramesh Padney

Laughing Yoga Video



Laughing Yoga

Yoga Ramesh Yoga to-Go Video